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The returning ZOOMsters of Season 5

Well, all of the returning ZOOMsters but Essy are on this page, while he will be on the next page.

Garrett D.
ZOOMer (Seasons 4-5)

Garrett, you're the June ZOOMer of the month. But some problems. You hadn't change, haven't you? Well, I hope you do if you ever go to Season 6 (which you won't), and you held Kaleigh's hand without permission last season when you made the lemon batteries. And about Kaleigh? You two were hugging when you guys (along with Caroline) did that Paper Cup Walk, and that Musical Frogs Game, yeah, after Matt was out, you guys were the only ones left. My god, Garrett, did you like Kaleigh?

Garrett:Sort of, but I don't like LIKE her. She's just a friend.

Okay. So, Garrett, are you going to Season 6?

Garrett:Sadly, no.

Okay, when I update your page next year, you can argue with someone who will replace you. By the way, Buzz is going to kick you *** because you replaced him.

Garrett:What? And he's fat.

EXACTLY! Now go out there and kick his ***.

Caroline B.
ZOOMer (Seasons 2-5)

Caroline, when are you EVER get off the show. I mean you've been ZOOMing with Kenny, Kaleigh, Rachel, Aline, Estuardo, and Garrett. What more, Shing Ying and Mike? Puh-lease. 1)You stole my mom's birthday (except in 1989), 2)lose the pigtails, and 3)GO FALL IN LOVE WITH KENNY, CAROLINE BOTELHO. You really suck, do you? What about Nina and Jake? Drat it!

Caroline:I got a few questions, Dez. 1)How did you know I share my birthday with one of your parents? 2)How did you know I replaced Keiko? 3)How did you know I like Kenny.

Well, 1)Your birthday is on my mom's birthday and you're born on the same year as I am, 2)Keiko HATES you, and 3)Season 3.

Caroline:You mean Keiko is going to kick my ***.

Yup. So don't tell me, you're going to Season 6?

Caroline:Nope. I'm too old.

YAHOO! SHE'S NOT GOING, YEAH. Sorry, Caroline, but you're fighting with Keiko and some girl who will replaced you.

Aline P.
ZOOMer (Seasons 4-6)

Aline, I'm sorry I'm saying this, but you CRAPPED in your overalls last season, in the ZOOMroom. I hope you're okay, because what? Caroline is training you? I wouldn't think of that, but who cares. So, Aline, who let the diarreah/cat out of the bag?


Estuardo, I can't believe that you let the diarreah/cat out of the bag. But Aline, come down on him. He's a boy. He LOVES, and I repeat, LOVES to do that. Oh, and by the way, Aline, Frances is coming to kick your ***. You said that your cat loves listening to the toilet flush.

Aline:How did you know that?

Actually, how did YOU know that?

Aline:My cat just wait for me in the bathroom and then when I flush the toilet, my cat runs to the bathroom and listens to the toilet.


Aline:Guess what, D? I'm going to Season 6.

And that's your 3rd Season?

Aline:Yeah, and I get to be the next Caroline.

Oh, boy.

Check out Estuardo on the next page (and final, if I don't add another one).