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Zoom Cast

The question of the week will be changed every Friday. Please answer them.

Season 5 ZOOMers
I told you they're taking over

Please answer the question of the week in the guestbook:

Note:This is an opinion question. All answers count.

Since Season 5 is rerunning episodes, which episode do you like best?

*Answer to last week's question in the guestbook and the message board*

Also, the question of the month is on the ZOOMer of the Month Page. Answer that in the guestbook and in the message board.

Special Notice:

Not only I have 6 sites, but I also have a a group on Yahoo! If you're interested in Season 5 of if you wanna know what's going on, go to:

and join.

I didn't actually talk to ZOOMers. It's just my imagination.