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Welcome to the Greatest ZOOM Website. There is everything you need to know. Let's start with Season 1.

Season 1-Zoe, Jared, Keiko, Pablo, Alisa, David, and Lynese

Season 2-Ray, Caroline, Claudio, Alisa (again), Jessica, Kenny, and Zoe (again)

Season 3-Frances, Kenny (again), Rachel, Eric, Kaleigh, Buzz, and Caroline (again)

Season 4-Aline, Garrett, Rachel (again), Matt, Estuardo, Kaleigh (again), and Caroline (AGAIN).

Season 5-Caroline (AGAIN!), Aline (again), Estuardo (again), Garrett (again), Mike, Kortney, and Shing Ying.

Season 6- Mike (again), Aline (AGAIN), Shing Ying (again), and 4 new ZOOMers

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Season 5 ZOOMers
Garrett, Caroline, Kortney, Estuardo, Shing Ying, Aline, and Mike are here to take over ZOOM.


June 1:If you're the fan of Rachel, Kaleigh, Caroline, Aline, Matt, Garrett, and Estuardo, then watch Season 4 next Tuesday on WMFE.

May 25:ZOOM didn't win any awards, but gave it a try.

April 2:Fannee Doolee is not played by Alisa, it is played by Aline

March 31:Aline, Garrett, Estuardo, and Caroline are back along with Mike, Shing Ying, and Kortney.

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