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The question of the week will be changed every Friday. Please answer them.

Please answer the question of the week in the guestbook:

Who had to go inside the mailbox for the Season 4 intro?

*Answer to last week's question in the guestbook and the message board*

Also, the question of the month is on the ZOOMer of the Month Page. Answer that in the guestbook and in the message board.

This Week's advice:Ethnic Background

I've decided to do a check on the ZOOMers and their ethnicity. Here are the results:The ethnic comes with a wacky definition.

Portugese-People like Caroline had been on ZOOM for 4 years, which makes everyone hate her.

Argentinian-Someone like Aline is not black.

Guatemalan-A lot of Guatemalan teens like Estuardo are not Mexican. They never mistaken Pablo, so why should THEY do that to Estuardo.

Finnish-Garrett and his folks make fried dough AND Pannukakkuna.

All-American-Someone like Mike cried happily in Episode 503.

African-People like Kortney laugh a lot. Too bad she didn't make it to Season 6.

Chinese-Someone like Shing Ying stole Aline's new style.

I didn't actually talk to ZOOMers. It's just my imagination.