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Season 4 (who needs more)

debuted in 2002. It consists of 7 kids (as always). Their names are Aline, Garrett, Rachel, Matt, Estuardo, Kaleigh, and Caroline. They're all in 1 page (well, actually, Aline, Garrett, Estuardo, and Caroline are on the next 3 pages, so that leaves Rachel, Matt, and Kaleigh).

Matthew A.
ZOOMer (Season 4)

Okay, Matt, let me tell you something. First of all, you don't know how to pop something in the oven, secondly, you are retarded (even though you're one of my favorites), and thirdly (that's not a word), you're all American? So is Mike. There are similarities of Matt and Mike. Ya ready, Matt? 1)in short form, 4 letters, long form 7, 2)Started with M, and 3)both boys. I hope you got them, Matthew, because I'm only saying this once...or twice.

Rachel R.
ZOOMer (Seasons 3-4)

So, Rachel, your sister is a singer and a songwriter, eh? Well, that girl's name is Ivy, but what's your other sister's name? By the way, if you are like 15 and Ivy is like 17 or 18, how old is your other sister. I have no idea why you, Kaleigh, and Matt got booted after Season 4.

Kaleigh C.
ZOOMer (Seasons 3-4)

Kaleigh, out of all the female ZOOMers (12 to choose from), you're my favorite, but are you always respectful (they don't need that in Season 5)? Anyways, you and Garrett made some lemon batteries? Yeah, like Garrett hold your hand without permission (I don't know if THAT got you out of the show). You're like most respectful to Matt. What's up with that? P.S. You have a website? Jared and Kenny got it too, but I don't know their website names.

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