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Frequently Asked Questions

No, no, no, this is not an ask-and-answer page, it's a FAQ (if you don't know what FAQ stands for, it is Frequently Asked Questions) Now y'all may ask me. Anyways I typed the questions and answers, k?

Question:Is this era the first ZOOM show?
Answer:No, no, no. The first ZOOM was back in the 70's. My dad watched it, but my mom didn't.

Question:70's ZOOM had more than 7 kids per season. The 21st Century ZOOM had 7 kids per season. Why is that?
Answer:In the 1970's, 10 kids were on the show per season. Eventually, the show was cancelled in 1981 because of high action-packed shows. ZOOM in the 70's got 48 kids, at least.

Question:Are there 35 kids now?
Answer:No, there ware 24. It's just that Aline, Alisa, Caroline, Estuardo, Garrett, Kaleigh, Kenny, Rachel, and Zoe are all considered multi-season ZOOMsters.

Question:Out of all the Season 4 ZOOMers, how come Matt is the only single-year ZOOMster?
Answer:The producers were drunk. I wish Matt would've stayed for Season 5 instead of Aline, but that's history.

Question:How come you have more than 1 favorite ZOOMer?
Answer:Hey, it's good to have more than 1 favorite ZOOMer.

Question:Is there a fan club for any ZOOMer?
Answer:Actually, right now, the only ZOOMer fan club existed is Estuardo. If you're a fan of Estuardo, go to the links page. Then click on the link that says 'For those who loves Estuardo, click here'. It's on the bottom of the page.

Well, ZOOMers, you'll thank me later, I promise.