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ZOOM Fiction Page-Fiction Stories of ZOOM

This is where I put up my made-up stories every week.

Welcome to the ZOOMfiction story section of this website. This week's story is something you usually see. This might relate to "The Proud Family", but you'll soon like it. The play is called "Kings of ZOOM:Do We Need the Only Single-year ZOOMer in Season 4 AND the Longest Running ZOOMer in the House?"

Caroline:Kenny, Garrett, Estuardo, Mike, Matt.
Kenny:What is it now, Caroline.
Caroline:I though you probably need to get a knuckle sandwich, Kenny.
(Kenny screamed)
Garrett:Caroline, this isn't funny. Now where's my TV?
Caroline:I took it away because you keep watching reruns of Pamela Anderson.
Estuardo:Yo, Mike, you wanna go stackin'
Estuardo and Mike:Yay, yay-ee.
Caroline:Wait a second, I though you guys were going tackin'.
Estuardo:No, it's stacking.
Matt:Hey, Caroline, I gotta go hang out with my friends.
Caroline:I already talked to your friends.
Matt:Okay, see ya.
Caroline:Bye. (to Audience) What's stackin'
Estuardo and Mike:The word without a 'g'. (laughing)
Caroline:That was not funny.
Garrett (from his room):Hey! I was watching that.

This week's cast
Caroline:The lonest running ZOOMer, thanks to the contract
Mike:An ambidextreous who made it to Season 6 (or was it Kortney)
Garrett:The Finnish boy, known as the oldest ZOOMer
Kenny:Caroline's boyfriend (I think)
Matt:The only single-year ZOOMer in Season 4 (he hung out with 6 multi-season ZOOMers who were his ZOOMbuddies)

No, no, no, this isn't real, so don't say nothing about this in the guestbook.