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ZOOMer of the Month

We have ourselves the ZOOMer of the Month

ZOOMer of the Month
*Congrats to Estuardo the Guatemalan/Clolmbian Braceface (Hey! That's how I describe him)*

Hmm. Reasons why Estuardo is the August ZOOMer of the Month. 1)Just a pick. 2)My Favorite ZOOMer. 3)Two Seasons, and anything else I can think of. But Estuardo was deserved as the *August ZOOMer of the Month*

He's Guatemalan/Colombian and not Mexican. He's 15, guys. The have never mistaken Pablo, so why are they doing that to Estuardo? Well, we'll see.

Question of the Month:

What was Estuardo's favorite color?

Whatever makes you happy, Estuardo, congratulations!

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