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New ZOOMsters of Season 5

Season 5 debuted this year in 2003. Cast:7 kids as always. Their names are Caroline, Aline, Estuardo, Garrett, Mike, Kortney, and Shing Ying. They're all in one page (well, actually, Caroline, Garrett, and Aline are on the next page, and Estuardo will have his own page, so that leaves Mike, Kortney, and Shing Ying).

Kortney (Something like Z)
ZOOMer (Season 5)

Kortney, you laugh a lot, did you know that? Are you addicted to Pep Pills or something. Your birthday is the 12th of some month or in December. Probably if I know it, then Caroline's birthday ain't the only one showing. I know for a fact that Estuardo probably likes you.

Michael H.
ZOOMer (Seasons 5-6)

Mike, do you always have to show off on games? Yeah, like Estuardo and Garrett did that too, and all 3 of you are best friends. Wait! Don't tell me. You're Matt all over again? I though so, because you're all American, just like Matt, and your last name is some famous band called Hanson, but spelled with an 'E'. Well, Mike, you're lucky.

Shing Ying (S?)
ZOOMer (Seasons 5-6)

Shing Ying, you really have laryngitis. It's a good that you're going to Season 6 and all, but why is it that you have a voice problem. You stole that Season-2-Caroline-Look-Alike thing and Aline is mad at you because she needed that, but they were to small for her, so it fitted you. No more of this Ubbi Dubbi Man/Woman thing, right? I though so.

Check out Caroline, Garrett, and Aline on the next page.