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Season 3

debuted in 2001. It consists of, well, 7 ZOOMers, of course. Those 7 kids are Frances, Kenny, Rachel, Eric, Kaleigh, Buzz, and Caroline. They're all on this page (well, actually, Rachel and Kaleigh are on the Season 4 page, Buzz is on the next Season 3 page, and Caroline is on one of those Season 5 pages, so that leaves Frances, Kenny, and Eric).

Kenneth Y.
ZOOMer (Seasons 2-3)

Kenny, you were one of my favorite ZOOMers of all (along with Matt, Mike, Estuardo, and Garrett). What about you and Caroline? You both been on ZOOM since Season 2, you both made it to Season 3, but had to part ways when Caroline was selected to join the 4th Cast and now she's still on the show. Don't you like her, even though she's in Season 5? I have though of something about your dad, Mr. Yates, so whatever it could be/child abuse/prison, I hope you're okay on Father's Day.

Frances D.
ZOOMer (Season 3)

Frances, you wanted to find Aline? I though so, because you'll do it right after I get finished with Aline. What did she do, by the way


She what? Don't worry, Frances, I'll get that idiot for stealing your spot. Maybe you should've been on Season 4, but you got booted along with the men of season 3 (Eric, Buzz, and Kenny).

Frances:Maybe. So, Dez, when are you going to find Aline?

When I get to Season 5.

Eric R.
ZOOMer (Season 3)

Now, Eric, you were 13 on the show, right? Yeah, like you're now 17 and in 12th Grade at some high school. Me? I'm 14 and in 9th Grade at Deltona High School (you don't know where Deltona is). It's in Florida. Well, Eric, I hope you enjoy your senior year at some high school.

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