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Please go to the following websites.

ZOOMfans, go here

This website is made by Caroline. I hope you enjoy it.

All Caroline Fans, go to this site.

This is another site made by my friend Caroline. It's all about Caroline Botelho from ZOOM.

Babolo ZOOM

Brandon made this website

Give your ZOOMshoutouts and sign the discussion guestbook

This is another site made by me. Please vote your favorite Season 4 ZOOMers (Matt, Kaleigh, Rachel)(Kaleigh and Rachel were in Season 3), Season 5 ZOOMers (Mike, Kortney, Shing Ying), or ZOOMers in between (Caroline, Estuardo, Aline, Garrett), vote and also add comments. You can also sign the discussion guestbook, which it will have the discussion of the week. Go there now!!!

The official ZOOM website

This is the official ZOOM website

ZOOM on GeoCities

Senam made this website. Enjoy the hilarious moment.

For those who loves Estuardo, click here.

To all Estuardo "Essy" fans (hey, me too), this site had finished. It is made by Alicia. She likes Estuardo too. If you like Estuardo, click on the link above. He, in my opinion, is my favorite ZOOMer. Please go there, sign Alicia's guestbook, then come back to this site and sign my guestbook. (To Es (I like to call Estuardo 'Es' or 'Essy' sometimes)) Don't worry, Estuardo, you'll thank me and Alicia later, I promise.